A tribute to my Mom

22 Feb

Tabinda Khawar

(The shining sun)

For me You shone in life

And I still see that light

Even after your demise Some time in saman’s pose

Sometime in tania’s eyes

Sometime in maria’s smile

paro’s cute hiccups

Akbar’ freckled cute nose

And my lil  silly lies 🙂

With your sunlight you nurtured us five

That light kept us connected under your watchful eyes

Though you are not here

Yet you are everywhere

I miss you mom darling

Can still feel in my hair

Your fingers lovingly sliding

Your name was shining sun

But it was some kind of a pun

That fate played on you

Eclipsed that sun was always

Amid dark clouds and a sky which was

In depressing hue of grays

But i am sure where you are now

You are happy and shining

Surrounded by your favorite sunflowers

Beautiful butterflies fluttering

A gentle breeze blowing

And  among all this beauty

I see you happily floating

The only regret i have is that  together you and  i  had spent more time

Before on that eid day when i heard the ghastly death chime

I love you mama!

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