Another productive day

02 May

YOUR Children MY Children OUR Children

C catch

T Them

B Being 

G Good

Today at a seminar in my school I was asked about ways to deal in  disciplining students. As I have many years of teaching experience I repeated my above quoted phrase, which I just love and have used many times.

Steps of “Catch Them Being Good “Technique

  1. Identify instances of disruptive behaviors.
  2. Identify instances of non-disruptive and appropriate classroom behaviors.
  3. Implement the beeper system (explained below) at the start of each class period. When the beeper sounds, praise a number of students (including the children who are the focus of your concern) if they are not engaged in disruptive behavior.
  4. When a child is disruptive, ignore the disruptive behavior (unless the nature of the behavior cannot be ignored).
  5. At the same time you are ignoring a child’s disruptive behavior, direct your attention to others who are being appropriate and praise children who are adjacent to the target child for their appropriate behavior.
  6. If a child is engaged in severely disruptive behavior, remove him or her to a time-out area for a short period of time. The first step in implementing this technique is to identify the types of behavior that are disruptive. These are the behaviors you will ignore. Also, at this time, identify those disruptive behaviors that cannot be ignored (e.g., aggression, loud and violent tantrums, etc.). Try to keep this list short. Concurrently, identify those non-disruptive behaviors that you will attend to and praise when they occur. Identify the individual child or children who will be the focus of this technique.

In some cases, teachers may make comments to students that are demeaning and draw attention to those students from their classmates. For example, ” that was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen,” is certainly demeaning, but it may draw the attention of the rest of the class to that child’s behavior. Such attention may be appealing to the child and he/she may then see it as a way to get her classmates’ attention.

SO focus on catching them being good instead of always focusing on their shortcomings and you will definitely see a positive change.

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