Canker Sores or Mouth Ulcers

08 Jun

These works to relieve pain of canker sores or mouth ulcers.


  • HONEY. Apply honey to the affected area as many times as possible. When you apply honey, the affected area will start letting out some kind of liquid (which will start mixing with saliva), keep spitting this out.
  • PEROXIDE> Another tried and tested remedy is to hold peroxide mixed 1part peroxide two parts water in the mouth for 3 minutes then rinse with warm salt water.
  • LEMON & LIME> Take a small container preferably the Cap of a bottle in that mix squeezed lemon or lime juice, and rubbing alcohol Take a QTIP stir the mixture with it and apply the QTIP end to the sore. It will hurt and burn like crazy but will cure the sore.
  • MYLANTA & BENADRYL. For mouth Sores or skin cut in the mouth, make a combination of mylanta and benadryl in 2:1 ratio and use a QTIP to apply. It works like a charm.
  • WALNUT EXTRACT. Applied directly to the affected area. It seals and dries the skin and you can see the results immediately. The liquid can be applied to minor cuts and scrapes or pimples. It helps to heal plus prevents breakouts. Apply it before anything flares out.
  • SALT. All you have to do is put a little salt on it. This dries out the bacteria. It will sting quite a bit, do this until sore is healed.
  • FAST FOOD. Eliminate pizza, juices and acidic foods it will heal. The sores quickly
  • IBRUFEN. A good ibuprofen dose will also help.
  •  RED WINE. Rinse the mouth for several seconds with red wine (non-alcoholic is OK). Repeat three
  • times per day until mouth sores are gone.
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