Ever heard of a miner’s canary?

06 Aug


Before we had all these tech gadgets to measure toxins, coal miner’s took a bird in a cage with them to work!

If the canary stopped singing (meaning it died), The miners knew they’d be next if they didn’t get out fast… usually it meant that there was too much

Carbon monoxide or methane gas.

Canaries are no longer used in mines, but they are kept as pets, and if you keep yours in the kitchen while cooking with a nonstick pan, it might die.

Some people keep their pet birds in the kitchen. It’s a natural gathering place for family, friends and pets. But bird owners should be aware that there are potential dangers in the kitchen, too. Cooking fumes, smoke and odors that have little or no effect on people can seriously sicken and even kill some pet birds, often quite quickly. Dr. Karen Rosenthal, DVM offers tips to keep pet birds safe.

1. Always keep your pet bird out of the kitchen while cooking.
2. Never leave heated cookware unattended.

3. Never pre-heat your cookware on high heat.
4. Always turn on the exhaust fan or open a window before cooking.

5. Keep your pet birds away from sprays and perfumes.

Dr. Karen Rosenthal, DVM MS, an Avian Veterinarian and Director of Special Species Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania


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