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Oh Beautiful butterfly

Oh beautiful butterfly of the meadow!

How pretty are you and your shadow!

The colors of your wings so bright and vivid….

Your flight so smooth yet so timid….

Scared to be touched why are you so?

Frightened are you that a strong hold may crush you?

Or maybe you fear for your pretty colors….

Which someone may steal off these beautiful wings of you….

I love the light colors that are left on the fingers…

When someone lovingly touches those delicate wings of you….

A sweet reminder of your delicate being….

And all that you stand for Everything!

How I love the world of yours….

So fragrant, colorful yet not small…

No worries, no fears and so carefree…

Hold my hand and take me along….

For a long flight with thee…

To blossoms so pretty and valleys so vast…

Where there are no shadows just you and me.

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Bulbul ki kahani Titli ki zabani


Ik bulbul ki zindagani ki aik lambi si kahani hai….Kabhi subha kabhi  shaam … Kabhi dhund mein chupi siah raat to kabhi qause qazah si jawani hai…

Kabhi titli  ke jaisi nazuk kabhi  aik rangeen chirya to kabhi bulbul ki tarah gaati hai…

Koi roop nahin iska yeh chehray pe chehra lagati hai…Asal chehra to ub aina bhi bhool geya iska…

Magar bargad pe bethi jub apnay paron ko sehlati hai…Khud ko bohat halka bohat sacha bara dilnasheen pati hai…

Na koi matlab na koi aarzoo bargad se hai…magar meelon ki lambi uraan ke baad usi ki shakhoon mein jhool ke sastati hai…aur Usi ko sirf apna sahi chehra dikhati hai…

Bargad bhi bohat bulbulon se waqif hai…Magar is bulbul se aisa naata jura…Kuch aur sarnigoon ho jaata hai Jub aanay mein  dair lagati hai…

Ajab naatay kabhi zindagi mein bun jatya hain…Insaan sochta bhi nahin aur kiya se kiya ho jaata hai.


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From Pupa to Flight

Confined in its pupa she struggled to get out
Felt helpless at times but not gave up the fight
Kept her focus on the horizon
Always looking towards the light
Finally broke free from its shell
But into the walls more tight
No windows no door for escape in sight
Her beautiful wings fluttering in hope of a flight
She knew it will happen ’cause it was her right
She mustered all her courage for the difficult fight
Spreading her wings she soared up with a might
Breaking all chains damaging all walls
She rose up into the night
Full moon twinkling stars
Welcomed her with an embrace very tight
She was happy and content
But being held again even lovingly to her did not seem right
She gently pulled away soaring away into the night
Her free spirit guiding her and making her feel so light

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