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So here I begin on a topic very sacred to all and one of the most cherished to me!


I would like to quote an Urdu /hindi song:

“ Hai tujhay bhi Ijazat kur le tu bhi Mohabbat”


“You are permitted to love somebody.”


After reading Erich Segal’ s book “ Act of Faith”, I almost got into the frame of mind that celibacy is it! That’s the right choice. Keeps us away from so many worldly problems conflicts. But by the time I was on the last few chapters I thought Does it really? Keep us away from loving, longing and yes sinning?

My topic was basically Matrimony and what you read was just a prelude.

I believe in it stand by it and have my full faith in it!

But when two people are getting into it do THEY?

Have faith

Have belief

& stand by it really for better or for worse?

When I hit Wikipedia for the key meaning for matrimony, which to me was obviously marriage. I came up with so many links the matrimony, the catholic marriage, the perfect marriage and the unholy marriage 😉

Now being married twice what my little thoughts or advice may sound like idealistic, but never the less I would like to voice my opinion. You have all the rights to disagree, give your inputs or agree.


First Time around:

Well just as of today on my  facebeook wall I read something very interesting which all about to be married girls should read 😉

“Quote: My dear new family, I thank u for welcoming me in my new house. Firstly i must tell u that my presence here should not change your life routines.
Those who used to do the laundry must keep on doing it. Those cooking must keep cooking. Those cleaning must keep cleaning. Those washing dishes must keep washing. I’ll not disturb any body’s routine. So far as i m concerned, I m here only to eat BUN, have FUN &to take care of your SON;)

Hmmmmm…interesting isn’t it? Put your own parents in that place . The mom doing all the work.,the father working, from day to night, the daughter studying along with helping her mom with the household chore  one brother that you have who is studying hard at college.

Will you not expect your sister in law to come and take over? Be the mother hen. So you can be married off and don’t have to do any work at your own house.

But why this paradox??? Working at your parents place to please them, the guests and your future in laws is ok, but once you are married and go into YOUR own home doing anything is beyond you?

I will be a little backward here but letting your children voice their opinions loudly in front of their elders is not helping in retaining our family norms and values. They are actually helping in arising a lot of old homes and abandoned older and ailing parents.

We as parents have a great responsibility to make our young ones better human beings as we were the one who brought them in this world. It was our choice not theirs.

We need to teach them to love, to honor, to respect, to be considerate, what is compassion, about empathy and much more.

For healthy living we just not need to focus on a healthy body but a healthy mind too. Positive thoughts, positive actions, positive comments in general attract positivity and negativity attracts negativity.  ( That is a first hand experience)

Second Time Around


 One is just more careful 🙂

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Ghazala & Mohsin ke naam!

A marriage ended after 22 too short years. My darling friend who was just like a sister Ghazala left us for a better place at just 41 years of age. so unpredictable and tragic. Cancer is a silent killer.

Her husband my dear friend and brother Mohsin is left behind to face this world and what it has to offer with the support of just his family and some friends. 

Nothing can fill the gap that his beloved , wife and friend Ghazala left. This poem; written in Roman Urdu; is dedicated to them.

                 ” The most loving, compassionate and caring couple,

                              I ever came across in my entire life.”

Kab Yaad Main Tera Saath Nahin

Kab Haath Main Tera Haath Nahin, 

Shukar hai Ke Apni Raaton Main 

Ab Hijr Ki Koi Raat Nahin..


                                                         Jis shaan se koi qabar mein utray

                                                          Wo Shaan Salamat Rehti Hai, 

                                                          Ye Jaan To Aani Jani Hai

                                                          Is Jaan Ki  Koi Baat Nahin..


Maidan-e-Wafa Darbar Nahin

Yahaan Naam-o-Nasab Ki Pooch Kahan, 

Aashiq To Kisi Ka Naam Nahin 

Aur Ishq Kisi Ki Zaat Nahin..


                                                        Ye Baazi Ishq Ki Baazi Hai 

                                                        Jo Chaho Laga Do Dar Kaisa, 

                                                       Jo Jeet Gaye To Kya Kehnay 

                                                      Haaray Bhi to Bazi Maat Nahin…..

                            Together with her family; in spirit; FOREVER

                              ” May your Love live till eternity”.


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Life is beautiful ( a poem dedicated to my family and friends)

Life is Beautiful
It is a one time chance
My dad keeps on repeating it
and I believe it too
But whenever i am about to
cross the threshold
From Ugly to beautiful
Like a jolt a word an action
makes me take a step back
And that jolt is from my loved ones too
Where beauty begins where ugliness ends
It’s a dilemma for me to fathom
Life is Beautiful….is it just a phrase a book a movie
or something really true?
its all up to us to make it so but not alone
all of us need to come through
families need to stand together with each other
Sisters brothers friends….even foes too
Lets resolve the differences
but stand by our rules
’cause individuals are individuals
and so are their rules
Life is beautiful lets make it so
lets stand by each other… all of us
especially you and me…and all of you
Alone we are nothing…Neither I nor you
Alone we are just ALL ALONE
But together we are so STRONG
I love you, you, you and you too
But in return I need your respect and
a little love that you can spare for me too
let’s do it for each other…not for Me not for You
I love you.


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