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Another funny day

Now when I go to bedian to do my volunteer work in St Mary’s high school there is this vegetable vendor where I buy my vegetables from.

Remember it is a village lidhar near lahore where I go.

So today when I was going to my school due to summer heat and bright sun I was wearing Ray Ban’s dark glasses.

Well on my way to the school I waved to my vegetable vendor an 18/ 19 year old boy and he smiled back at me.

On my way back I stopped to get some subzi ( veggies) and he asked me where are your glasses?

I told him I accidentally broke them in the school which I really had. They were perched on my head and fell off and the left side’s glass broke 😦

He remarked so cutely in punjabi ” lagda ay meri nazar lag gai mein saweray twanon wekh kay soch reha si ”

“Goray goray mukhray te Kaala kaala chashma” 😉

( Black glasses on a fair face ;-))

hehehehe now that made me really laugh and really made my day!

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