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How to kill DENGUE Mosquitoes

The Cheapest and Easiest Way at home or office.

This information may cause massive loss of jobs in insecticides companies, but it could save thousands of innocent lives from the cruel fate of dengue.

DIY is so easy and its costs are unbelievably negligible.

Eradicate Aedes and dengue.


Mosquito Trap ( Dengue Prevention)

Its just a mix of water, brown sugar and yeast.

 1. Cut a plastic bottle in half, keep both parts. Can be soft drink bottle. 

2.  Take the lower portion of the bottle. Dissolve the brown sugar in hot water. 

Let it cool down to ~70 deg F. 

3. Add the yeast. Carbon dioxide will form(This will attract the mosquitoes) 


4. Cover the bottle with a dark wrap and  insert in the top portion upside down like a funnel. Place it in a corner in your house. 



5.  In 2 weeks you will be surprised by the number of mosquitoes killed.




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A memorable day!

We had a wonderful birthday for Father Francis in St Mary’s high school where kids gave him lots of hand made cards and flowers and then teachers sang many songs, recited many ghazals and I wrote a poem for him; that follows, designed and framed beautifully by my hubby Asad.

This father has worked in pakistan for last 40 years on volunteer basis and it has been just two years since I joined him in his endeavors. I am so proud that I got an opportunity to meet him and work with him.

It was a really a memorable day

         Father Frans Labeewu

A poem dedicated to our beloved father on his birthday

                        Written By

                       Sadaf Shah

He came to our country…So far from his own

With his uncles in a car…From Belgium to Pakistan

This was his fate he believes

And with that his beloved country he leaves


From Sialkot to Gujranwala

From Lahore to Bedian

He helps all those he can

And makes everybody his fan


He is gentle and soft spoken

And helps lovingly the forsaken

Instills love in their heart for God and mankind

Because he came with that cause in his mind


We thank Father Frans with all our hearts

As no one can be as dedicated as he has been

And we as a nation feel indebted

For all his hard work whose results can easily be seen


We love you Father our angel in disguise

You made us learn to love, to be humble and wise

                                                                                                                              Dated: May 24th, 2011.


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Another funny day

Now when I go to bedian to do my volunteer work in St Mary’s high school there is this vegetable vendor where I buy my vegetables from.

Remember it is a village lidhar near lahore where I go.

So today when I was going to my school due to summer heat and bright sun I was wearing Ray Ban’s dark glasses.

Well on my way to the school I waved to my vegetable vendor an 18/ 19 year old boy and he smiled back at me.

On my way back I stopped to get some subzi ( veggies) and he asked me where are your glasses?

I told him I accidentally broke them in the school which I really had. They were perched on my head and fell off and the left side’s glass broke 😦

He remarked so cutely in punjabi ” lagda ay meri nazar lag gai mein saweray twanon wekh kay soch reha si ”

“Goray goray mukhray te Kaala kaala chashma” 😉

( Black glasses on a fair face ;-))

hehehehe now that made me really laugh and really made my day!

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A beautiful day! A dream come true

Chief guests arriving amid march past with drums rolling!

Today was the annual function of St Mary’s High School.

Our guests were Dr Waheed, Dr Wasif, Ms Sabahat Ghauri and Dr Asad Ullah Shah.

Dr Waheed President Dental Association of Pakistan!

Spoken English achievers receiving certificates!

The class 7th performed Michael Jackson’s song ‘We are the World we are the children”. But today this song was not from USA to Africa but from Pakistan to Japan and the whole suffering parts of the world.

It was just about giving just not money, love or support but giving to the future you have in present.

Because future is what makes this world a better place to live and let live 🙂

Children performing we are the world song


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A day in my life!

Today we satred rehearsing  the song ‘we are the world we are the children’ with my 7th graders at St Mary’s school Bedian Road, Lahore.

They had been memorizing the words since last one month and mannn it was frustrating as they started learning English just a year ago and now learning the difficult lyrics of the old Michael Jackson song…. man ohhh man.

It is hard but am so looking forward to making it a success! 🙂

It was a happy happy day


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