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Ever heard of a miner’s canary?


Before we had all these tech gadgets to measure toxins, coal miner’s took a bird in a cage with them to work!

If the canary stopped singing (meaning it died), The miners knew they’d be next if they didn’t get out fast… usually it meant that there was too much

Carbon monoxide or methane gas.

Canaries are no longer used in mines, but they are kept as pets, and if you keep yours in the kitchen while cooking with a nonstick pan, it might die.

Some people keep their pet birds in the kitchen. It’s a natural gathering place for family, friends and pets. But bird owners should be aware that there are potential dangers in the kitchen, too. Cooking fumes, smoke and odors that have little or no effect on people can seriously sicken and even kill some pet birds, often quite quickly. Dr. Karen Rosenthal, DVM offers tips to keep pet birds safe.

1. Always keep your pet bird out of the kitchen while cooking.
2. Never leave heated cookware unattended.

3. Never pre-heat your cookware on high heat.
4. Always turn on the exhaust fan or open a window before cooking.

5. Keep your pet birds away from sprays and perfumes.

Dr. Karen Rosenthal, DVM MS, an Avian Veterinarian and Director of Special Species Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania


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Agha jee


Zindagi mein jo shumein theen who to ub tak bujh chukeen

Jo deeya timtima rahein hein unko haath rukh ke rok lo

Zindagi se jub yeh roshni uth jaaye gi….

Na to phir tum raho ge aur na hi mein dekh paon gi.

Yeh jo diye hein aaj timtimatay hoay

Yehi hein meray rah guzar, meray hum nasheen meray rahbar…

Yeh jo chorr jaen ge saath mera…

To kon ho ga mera aasra….

Mein jo gum gaee iss bheer mein…

To kaun batay ga mujhay sahi raasta?

Jo baap se bhi ziyada azeez ho….

Jo ghamon mein sub se qareeb ho…

Jo meray dukhon mein shareek ho

Usay kaun kaisay bhulaay ga

Kiya mujhay bhi koi sikhaye ga?

Koi thak ke ghar mein jab aaye ga…

To utnay pyaar se kaandhay kaun dabaye gaa????

Aaj bohat thuk gaeen hoon agha jee….

Aaj to kaandhay daba hi dein…

Susti si ho gayee hai kuchh..

Only five minutes more suna hi dein…

Just once more pleaseeeee!!!!!


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Ghazala & Mohsin ke naam!

A marriage ended after 22 too short years. My darling friend who was just like a sister Ghazala left us for a better place at just 41 years of age. so unpredictable and tragic. Cancer is a silent killer.

Her husband my dear friend and brother Mohsin is left behind to face this world and what it has to offer with the support of just his family and some friends. 

Nothing can fill the gap that his beloved , wife and friend Ghazala left. This poem; written in Roman Urdu; is dedicated to them.

                 ” The most loving, compassionate and caring couple,

                              I ever came across in my entire life.”

Kab Yaad Main Tera Saath Nahin

Kab Haath Main Tera Haath Nahin, 

Shukar hai Ke Apni Raaton Main 

Ab Hijr Ki Koi Raat Nahin..


                                                         Jis shaan se koi qabar mein utray

                                                          Wo Shaan Salamat Rehti Hai, 

                                                          Ye Jaan To Aani Jani Hai

                                                          Is Jaan Ki  Koi Baat Nahin..


Maidan-e-Wafa Darbar Nahin

Yahaan Naam-o-Nasab Ki Pooch Kahan, 

Aashiq To Kisi Ka Naam Nahin 

Aur Ishq Kisi Ki Zaat Nahin..


                                                        Ye Baazi Ishq Ki Baazi Hai 

                                                        Jo Chaho Laga Do Dar Kaisa, 

                                                       Jo Jeet Gaye To Kya Kehnay 

                                                      Haaray Bhi to Bazi Maat Nahin…..

                            Together with her family; in spirit; FOREVER

                              ” May your Love live till eternity”.


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It is your RIGHT

Its is your right to matter but do you want to?

It is your right to not want to get out of the bed but when you see the sunlight the birds chirping you should.

Its your right to feel sad but why not look at the people laughing around you.

Its your right to feel or act stupid but just look at the mentally sick.

Its your right to cry but why not wipe a tear from someone else’s eyes.

Its your right to lie but wouldn’t truth make life easier.

Its your right to be negative but positivity is a rare trait strive for it.

It is your right to hate but why not open up your heart to love.

Its your right to be sarcastic but gentle words always do the trick.

It is your right to give up but why not give it another try.

Its your right to want to die but another day to help someone would be better.

Rights are always there but so are choices .

Its your prerogative to make the right ones and live forever!

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A poem for Moho a teenager who died in a car crash last valentine’s night :-(

Moho ke naam

Jub un ke damakte chand ko dhalte dekha
Upne eeman ko mutazalzil paya mein ne
Jub baap ne hichkiyan letay mati ki akhri muthi daali
Mein ne khuda ka aik ajab aur chehra dekha
Jub maan ko nanhi si kameez mein siskiyon ko chupate dekha
Socha ke khuda kiyon waqt yeh laya un pe
Meray allah gar tu hai
To yeh hashr kiyon hai
Yeh duniya junnat nahin jahanum kiyon hai?
Kaun kehta hai he ke duniya aik jahanum hai
Jo bhi aata he hamaray bachay ki masjid mein kabhi
Hur sajday mein sunta hai ke jannat teri hai!
Mein bhi jaon ki us masjid mein kabhi
Sur tek kur sajday mein yehi
Bolon gi
jo dard meray seenay mein hai abhi
Us ke badlay mein
In maan baap ko jannat de dey
Apnay betay ki mohabbat de dey
Jo tu ne cheen liye khwab be waqt
un ko burwaqt ub us ki takmeel dey dey

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A tribute to my Mom

Tabinda Khawar

(The shining sun)

For me You shone in life

And I still see that light

Even after your demise Some time in saman’s pose

Sometime in tania’s eyes

Sometime in maria’s smile

paro’s cute hiccups

Akbar’ freckled cute nose

And my lil  silly lies 🙂

With your sunlight you nurtured us five

That light kept us connected under your watchful eyes

Though you are not here

Yet you are everywhere

I miss you mom darling

Can still feel in my hair

Your fingers lovingly sliding

Your name was shining sun

But it was some kind of a pun

That fate played on you

Eclipsed that sun was always

Amid dark clouds and a sky which was

In depressing hue of grays

But i am sure where you are now

You are happy and shining

Surrounded by your favorite sunflowers

Beautiful butterflies fluttering

A gentle breeze blowing

And  among all this beauty

I see you happily floating

The only regret i have is that  together you and  i  had spent more time

Before on that eid day when i heard the ghastly death chime

I love you mama!

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